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Domain names

The advent of the internet and the subsequent use of domain names as web addresses has led to a plethora of name and trademark disputes, not least because the peculiarities of the internet make it easy and inexpensive to block the trademarks of third parties (see: Domain-Grabbing). It was initially quite difficult for the courts to incorporate domain names into the existing trademark system. These days, at least in the developed world, a standard for the legal status of domain names has been established, which typically allows for a reliable assessment of legal disputes involving domain names and in turn, the possibility to provide legal council on how to best avoid them.

Our office has been providing clients with legal council on domain-name-related issues since the early days of the internet.

We conduct all research pertinent to and represent clients in cases involving the unauthorized use of domain names and the return of unlawfully reserved domain names, in UDRP proceedings before the WIPO in Geneva as well as in connection with any other issues that may arise involving domain names. We also help clients protect domain names.