Paul & Albrecht Patentanwälte PartG mbB

About us

Our services are primarily geared towards small and mid-sized businesses, though we also work closely with a number of large corporate clients. Our clients are based throughout Germany as well as in neighboring countries. We also represent clients from further afield, most of whom are based in the United States, Japan and China. We also serve clients from Sweden, France and Italy.
Our team’s diverse range of specializations enables us to serve our clients in all matters related to the protection of industrial property in all fields of technology and science (with the exception of plant variety protection). We proudly offer the range of services listed below:


Each of our fully-qualified attorneys is licensed to represent our clients directly before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (responsible for EU trademarks and EU design). We collaborate with an international network of patent attorneys who represent our clients abroad before their respective national patent offices. Having worked with these attorneys for many years, we know from experience that they do competent work at reasonable rates.

The Patent Attorney’s Act bars patent attorneys from representing clients in certain legal fields, particularly in cases related to industrial property rights infringement. In those cases, we consult with renowned external attorneys who specialize in the particular legal areas in question. As such, we work with a number of outstanding law firms who have extensive experience in all matters relating to industrial property rights to guarantee clients receive the best council available when it comes to enforcing and exercising their rights. We are also open to working with the external law firm of your choice in addition to your in-house legal team.