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We provide clients with advice and support in all areas of law (with the exception of plant variety protection) in which patent attorneys are authorized to give counsel.

We also have extensive experience setting up and restructuring the patent and trademark departments for small and medium-sized companies as well as large-scale enterprises. We’re happy to assist clients streamline their organization on request, ensuring optimized communication with our office.


New technologies

Protecting one’s innovations against imitators is absolutely essential in today’s globalized economy. Patents and utility models are the traditional instruments for preventing infringement on intellectual property rights.


Trademark Protection

In a globalized economy, protecting trademark rights (trademarks, company names and logos, work titles, domain names) is of great strategic significance.


Design Protection

Many objects acquire their character by means of their aesthetics. Traditionally this includes fabrics, furniture, lighting, etc.


Contract Law

Intellectual property rights can fundamentally be utilized by the proprietor of the intellectual property rights himself, but these may also be sold or transferred or assigned to exclusive or non-exclusive licensees.


Product Piracy

Product piracy is understood to be the nearly-identical or barely distinguishable imitation of a particular product.



Works of literature, art and science can be protected by copyright. Examples include written works, logos, photographs and aesthetically designed objects. Copyright protection with the associated prohibition norms can provide a basis for claims in addition to industrial property rights.

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