Product Piracy

Product piracy is understood to be the nearly-identical or barely distinguishable imitation of a particular product. Pirated products typically originate in low-wage countries, especially in those countries that lack protections for intellectual property, be it patent protection, trademark protection, design protection or similar. Damages in the order of tens of billions are incurred by original manufacturers around the world each year due to pirated products. 

We provide clients with competent advice on ways to prevent and defend themselves against product piracy. In terms of prevention, we work with clients to clarify whether the product in question is well suited for patent, trademark or design protection. We suggest changes that may be made to products to achieve protection of the aforementioned rights. In defending clients in cases of product piracy, we not only turn to the appropriate courts, for example to obtain a provisional injunction, but we also have the customs authorities intervene to seize and destroy pirated goods. We have extensive experience assisting clients in cases involving the seizure of pirated goods both domestically and internationally within the EU.

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